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Accreditation for CDM 2015 Dutyholders and Advisors

ICS Membership

Accreditation for CDM Dutyholders and Advisors

ICS routes to Membership and Register

Associate and Membership – typical requirements

Routes to Membership Diagram

Membership categories and ICS Registers

Routes to Membership Diagram

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The ICS acts as an independent third party accreditation scheme, providing reassurance to members of the public, government agencies and procurement bodies that ICS members and their businesses are accredited as capable to perform the duties under CDM2015 or to advise dutyholders. The accreditation scheme is based on peer group assessment of individual and business applications. Accredited Individual Members of ICS are included in the searchable Member Register. Business members are included in searchable Registers of Duty holders and/or Advisors.

Categories of Membership (and Fees)

There are 7 categories of individual Membership: Fellow; Member; Associate Member; Retired, Graduate; Student and Honorary Fellow.

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Apply for Membership

Click the following link to view or download the ICS Application Form:

ICS Membership Application Form (PDF) Guidance Notes (PDF)