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Accreditation for CDM 2015 Dutyholders and Advisors

FAQs: How and Why to Join ICS

Why should I be on a register?

By being on one or more ICS register, a member's individual and/ or business details can be confirmed by clients when considering an appointment (following receipt of consultant proposals or tender). The register provides clients with reassurance that the consultant they are employing has been assessed and that they, as individuals, have the skill, knowledge and experience, or as businesses the organisational capacity to undertake CDM duties or advisory roles. The client is expected to make other checks to ensure that the business has the necessary capability to undertake their project.

Where is the register kept?

The register is held at ICS offices and is available online.

What will it cost to apply to join the ICS?

The standard joining fee to be a member of the Scheme is £135.00. Associate Membership is available for £105.00. Membership will run annually from the beginning of each calendar year.

Are there any further checks?

Yes, it is a requirement that ICS audit their members' competency and every member will be audited at least once within the first 5 years. The details of the audit procedure will be published soon. In the event of a complaint or repeated queries about a member, ICS may make a spot check.

What happens if I fail an audit?

We think it unlikely that any member who has demonstrated competency will fail an audit, however if that happens then ICS can suspend or rescind membership, ICS may recommend undertaking in-depth training prior to resubmitting to join. In the event that a member of the scheme feels that they have been unfairly treated then their case will be assessed by an independent appeals panel. Irrespective of the final decision the member will not be entitled to a refund of their joining or annual membership fees.

How are businesses audited?

Business Members have to renew their Membership and place within one or more of the ICS Business Registers on an annual basis, by completing an application form to confirm that their organisational capability has been maintained. Receipt of the application may be followed by a short telephone interview.

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Who checks ICS?

There is no agency who oversees the operation of ICS and their performance is not regulated by statute. ICS membership is recognised as an indicator of capability by Safety Systems in Procurement (SSIP), and in Pas 91, both of which have adopted the CDM2007 Appendix 4 criteria.

Do I need to renew my membership?

Annual renewal is required to maintain membership of ICS and the member’s details on the register.

Can I be removed from the register?

Yes, members who fail to maintain their membership of the ICS or fail to demonstrate competency when asked, or are subject to any form of disciplinary procedure by their professional body can be removed from the register.

What will be included in the Register?

The individual or business member's name and contact address details. The registers will also include information about a member's area of specialism as a guide to clients who are selecting a suitable CDM dutyholder or advisor. The onus is still on the Client to make suitable further checks on the competence and suitability of a prospective appointee.

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