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Accreditation for CDM 2015 Dutyholders and Advisors

Welcome to The Institution of Construction Safety

The Institution of Construction Safety (ICS) is a multi-disciplinary membership body providing accreditation for individual construction professionals with an interest in and commitment to health and safety in construction, wishing to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and experience in order to undertake a CDM2015 dutyholder role or advise a CDM2015 dutyholder.

Established in 1995, the ICS is dedicated to improving and promoting design and construction health and safety risk management.

Individual Members can request that their business is included in one or more of the ICS Registers. The Principal Designer Register is open to Members businesses who are practicing designers.

It is not necessary for an ICS Member to be part of a Designer business.

Join us and become an accredited Individual Member assessed as being capable of undertaking CDM 2015 duties or a non-statutory advisory role. ICS Members' businesses can be included in one or more of the ICS Registers of businesses, assessed as having the organisational capacity to undertake statutory CDM 2015 duties or non-statutory advisory roles.

The ICS represents multidisciplined members across the Construction Industry

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